Quotastic Monday – Third Person POV Issues

August 17, 2015 Guilty Pleasures, Quotatic Monday 2


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Soon they were discussing other, more personal subjects, such as the geopolitical situation around the world and their thoughts on the environment and religion. They found that they really had quite a bit in common, at least with their opinions on such matters. Jake found out that Amanda had had a very difficult childhood, that she felt people could only count on themselves to create the spirituality that is so needed to help us through difficult situations.

Ok, this quote is from The Offering and I’m in 20% and I want to pull my eyes out. What do you guys think about this? It’s how the entire book reads.

I read it to my hubby and although I was a bit biased while reading it to him, he even felt that it was flat. This is just one paragraph in the book but I think it shows that just telling something can really push people away from wanting Candy Corn Murdersto read your book. I feel a little bad about picking on this book in particular but I was curious if it was the third person pov that was throwing me off. Then I started reading Candy Corn Murder.

Lucy helped Patrick fill out the entry form, enjoying the quaint atmosphere of the country store while he laboriously drew all six zeros with a stubby pencil clasped in his plump little fingers. Country Cousins had managed to maintain the appearance of an old-fashioned general store that stocked everything anybody could possibly need, if anybody happened to be living in 1900.

When comparing the two, although the same POV, I can immediately FEEL the second while the first felt like I was being held at arm’s length only to watch through binoculars and never really knowing the characters. In Candy Corn Murder I felt the opposite. Involved in the story and knowing the characters, even though Candy Corn Murder is the 22nd in the series and it is the first time I’ve picked it up.

The major difference is the amount of time. There is just a moment happening in the second but in the first time is flying by! They both are describing moments but when years and years and years are piled into just a short few sentences then how can the reader connect with the book? Not only am I loving Candy Corn Murder but sadly I’m thinking of not finishing The Offering although the second in the series sounds really interesting. I just do not think I can subject myself to it any longer.

What do you guys look for when reading third person POV? Is there a pov you prefer over any others?

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    • Christina

      Yeah. I struggled with it so hard! But I noticed in the second book that it flowed seamlessly and I was hooked. Very interesting how that works out!