Quotastic Monday – Tracing the Line by Ally Bishop

August 10, 2015 Guilty Pleasures, Quotatic Monday 2


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Tracing the lineZizi Baby, what he makes isn’t strictly porn.

So, I picked up a book two by accident without having read book one. I don’t get the relationship between the sisters but the first kiss was hot, hot, hot! Makes me curious!

With aching slowness, he lowers his mouth to mine. His lips are soft, curious, and as we explore each other, he tightens his hold around me, his fingers slipping into my hair. He deepens the kiss, his tongue sliding against mine, and he tastes of cinnamon with a hint of coffee. I can barely take a breath as I dissolve against him. His palm grazes my hip, seeking purchase as he presses me closer, and I can feel the hard length of him against my lower stomach. Some part of me is relieved: I’m not the only one getting turned on. A small voice in the back of my mind reminds me that I’m making out with a total stranger, but that doesn’t seem to make much impact. Or maybe, that’s the point?

I wish I would have read book one but I might just keep up with this and see where it goes. That kiss is at 3%!! Even without all of the background this has to be good!

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    • Christina

      Me too! Too little time in the day for all these fabulous books! It’s so sad. For this one I think if I would have understood the sister’s situation more maybe it would have worked better. I’m probably going to pick up book one soon though. I want to see that relationship blossom! It started with fireworks so how could I not want to know?!