Promo! Infinity Children by Trevor E. Donaldson

November 7, 2012 Book Feature 1

  • Title: Infinity Children
  • Author: Trevor E. Donaldson
  • Genre: Science fiction, Thriller, Horror,
  • Publisher: Eternal Press
  • Ebook/Paperback
  • Pages: 198

Book Description:

Only time will tell who is master and who is servant. Lesser gods walk the Earth as do their children. The battles fought between their factions and those of mankind could break the world. The only hope of survival lies in a bloodied journal, discovered amidst the ruins of an ancient civilization, far in the Middle East.


1 Signed paperback copy and 3 Ebook copies of Infinity Children by Trevor E. Donaldson Ends Nov 14th

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One Response to “Promo! Infinity Children by Trevor E. Donaldson”

  1. Trevor Donaldson (@KaraokePuppet)

    Published by: Eternal Press

    The debut novel by Trevor E. Donaldson

    Available in eBook and print formats, this is a work of horror with a dash of saucy romance, and a widget of science fiction.

    About Infinity Children:
    A small clan of dying aliens struggles to create the perfect symbiotic host body, but when their primary candidate escapes, a battle ensues between Heaven and Earth.

    This novel is packed with demons, aliens, and secret societies. A glossary and list of extended spoilers are available on Shelfari.

    Check out Infinity Children, available on Nook and Kindle. Sample previews are available on each website.

    Barnes & Noble:

    I would love to hear from fans, and am available for interviews or feedback.

    Contact me:


    Dark regards,

    Trevor E. Donaldson