Product Review: Silicone Bread Loaf Baking Pan

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Silicone Bread Loaf Baking Pan

  • Premium high quality silicone bread and loaf pan, make jumbo, large size bread, size of 11(L)*5.5(W)*2.5(H) inch.
  • Flexible and durable 100% pure silicone is safe for food, BPA free and FDA approved.
  • Non-stick, you can pop out bread easily. Stain and odor resistant.
  • Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Space saving.
  • Heat resistant up to 464-degrees Fahrenheit.

** Says purple but it is definitely a pink**



Product ReviewI’ve been wanting to bake bread from scratch for so long! Now, technically I didn’t start from scratch but I think these pans would make it easier to do just that! What I did do was take a Banana Nut Bread mix for muffins and created a bread which came out fabulously!

This was the first time that I used a silicone product and the one thing that I noticed was that I had to add a little more time to fully finish cooking. It seems that in between 5 to 10 minutes does the trick. At first the bread was still mushy and not fully cooked at the top although the sides looked great. Once I added a bit more time it looked, and tasted, wonderful!

bread 3

Surprisingly the silicone is heavy enough that I did not have to use anything else to support the pan. Nor did I have to put anything under it. The only mess that was made was when I was mixing and dumping into the silicone! Otherwise the pan held up fabulously and there was no mess to be cleaned.

And speaking of cleaning, the bread slid right out of the pan. I did not add any oil or butter to the sides so I was curious how that was going to go but all I had to do was turn it upside down and gently coax. It was also extremely easy to clean.


Since silicone does not hold any of the ingredients from various meals I plan to use this for meatloaf as well and then to go back to a cake. It sounds scary but after my first usage I’m looking forward to challenging it some more! Now I just need a full set!

Bread 2


iHomeSet Silicone Bread Loaf Baking Pan – Large Soap Mold – Set of 2
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