Painting My Troubles Away #1

December 31, 2013 Art 0


  • Aurulent Hibernation

  • by Christina Torretta
  • Size: 24x20x2
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Took: Multiple weeks, layer upon layer of drying & washes
  • Finished: November 16th, 2013
  • Colors: Titanium White, Gold, Cerulean, & Dioxazine Purple



Fine Art (prints, cards, & canvas duplicates)

my thoughts done

Super, super excited about this painting!

It’s taken me weeks to be finished (and to be happy with!) but finally it is done!

The colors started out all blue and white… pretty much a winter scene and I have been fascinated by blues for about a year or so, but something about just having blue was really throwing me off.

I did like how the mountains were looking but I didn’t want the tree to nearly blend entirely in. I want it to stand out! At this point I was at probably 15 or so layers of work. The really fun part was using an knife for the mountains to add the snow. Still … just not working for me!

And here, the tree is now standing out but UGH, that did not work as well as I wanted. I was using a really cool umber color that I fell in love with at the store and I think for a normal day this would totally work, but for this painting? Not so much.

So I did some edits, added some more layers of color, mostly the Dioxazine Purple, totally dry brushed it on to give a real edgy look, and then added the Gold to smooth it all and make it all look put together. And here is the completely finished product!


aurulent hibernation

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