One day closer

February 14, 2016 Art, Poetry, Rainbows 0

by Christina Torretta



I don’t count the days, they’re copious and the thought of them suffocates me

aching to see you, missing the melody of your voice, all I want to do is see

the same sky you are seeing, feel the rain that falls onto your face

to be in the same place.

Is it so much to ask for time to accelerate, for the clock to speed up

but then please slow down when I’m with you, holding this cup

I think that the liquid is you, cascading through me

caressing, loving, warming, all I want to do is see

your enticing eyes but the calendar slows

and the wind and rain still come, time still goes

but ever so slowly still, and I will not count the days

until you finally kiss my lips, all your ways

that I have come to love and cherish

and as simple as it may be, this is my wish

that the days would just go faster.


The Author

About Christina Torretta

Bohemian with a dark side. Lover of horror and serenity!

Currently studying psychology and plan to get my PhD to become a Neuropsychologist. Clinical and Cognitive studies are my goal.

Until then I am reading horror of all kinds (ZOMBIES!!) and the odd romance, cause why not?!


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