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November 29, 2015 Sunday Post 0

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Goodbye November! Hello Christmas Season!

I started off in the Christmas mood long before Halloween even hit. Before you groan at me I do love Halloween but we live in such a small town that we can’t even celebrate. It’s a sad life people… really. So, I get excited for Christmas long before anyone else. With the decorations, and songs, and shopping, and food! I just love it all!

November 2015 has had a lot of ups and downs. For the most part I had a fantastic month but I can feel the stress gathering as Christmas gets closer. I ordered a lot of gifts through Zullilly and while I LOVE the discounts (I saved over $200 shopping there), the gifts take a LONG ASS TIME to get shipped. I was about to start freaking out. One important gift was even put on hold and then stopped all together. So, while I was relying on that one, thank goodness for Amazon. I didn’t have to do any Black Friday shopping, unless getting out grocery shopping counts, and that was all done in ONE hour! So, the shopping is going pretty good. I got everything wrapped and I’m shipping everything tomorrow. Not even quite December and I am done! Really excited about that.

Blue Apron

With the stress, and honestly, I’m just bored of making the same old meals. Even Pinterest has not come through for me. I am out of ideas for meals. I search and search and every week come up with the same crap. So, we recently decided to try Blue Apron. It’s freaking $60 for three meals for two people but the meals are really fresh and totally different than I would have thought to make. The first meal was Salmon with cranberry sauce (from scratch!) and sweet potatoes with turnip and onions. The spices were perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving meal. Even the hubby loved it and he does not like salmon.



With all the festivities, reading, and decorating, the stress really started hitting when my husband’s grandmother was taken to the hospital. Her sodium as massively low and the doctors cannot find a reason why. I’m leaving to go take care of her for two weeks and I’ll be back just in time to go see Star Wars with the hubby. I’m really hoping that everything goes well. She is the only grandmother I have now and I love her dearly. She’s 92 and tired and all of her friends are gone so I know if she passes it’ll be a relief for her. I KNOW that and yet I’m still not ready to see her go. Ugh… death is awesome. 🙁 Let’s just hope he decides to wait just a few more years.


My plans for the holidays are pretty simple, read, read, read! I am excited because I am getting the hubby (NeaderPaul) and my daughter to blog here a bit more. I want to get some of her new poetry up, and my hubby reads as much as I do! We all enjoy reading so having them on the blog makes me so excited.

What was your fav read in November? Any fun blog plans for the holidays?

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