Neanderthal Reviews Hunted Hero Hunting (The Hunter Legacy, #2) by Timothy Ellis

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Neanderthal Reviews Hunted Hero Hunting (The Hunter Legacy, #2)  by Timothy EllisHunted Hero Hunting (The Hunter Legacy #2) by David Wood
Series: The Hunter Legacy #2
Published by Gryphonwood Press on June 1st 2015
Genres: Sci Fi
Pages: 314
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Hunted Hero Hunting. Book Two in the Hunter Legacy series:

Jonathon Hunter's world grows darker each day. Assassins, Pirates, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, and Retros, all want a piece of him. Each trap leads to yet another trap. When the unthinkable happens, the prey becomes the predator. The hunted goes hunting. But how does a young spiritual warrior cope, as the kills mount?

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Plot 2 out 5 stars – very typical path

Characters 2 out of 5 stars

I checked this book out as I sorta enjoyed the first book, so having kindle unlimited gave the second book a chance.

This story however just continues from the first one the time lapses are still pretty bad. The book is not enjoyable with no real plot movement, just a linear story line. If I was younger I may have enjoyed this book a lot more.

2 out 5 stars






About Author Neanderthal done

About Timothy Ellis

Timothy Ellis lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He has been a farm worker, Antique Dealer, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Operations Manager of a small retail chain and Retail Store Owner. He now works as a Spiritual Healer and helper, and Author.

He has long been a player of Space Genre computer games, and since 2004, has been writing game guides for the Egosoft X Universe series, culminating in the X3 Handbook, available now on Kindle. He has also designed major mods for the various games, and dozens of mini mods.

After leaving behind the corporate and business worlds, he was opened to his Spiritual gifts. Now a Feng Shui Master, Feng Shui led him to Buddhism, Karma and back to western spiritualism. Since 2006 he has been writing spiritual articles and helping people via spiritual forums and Facebook Groups. His first eBook "Personal Healing Using Basic Meditation" is now available on Kindle as is his second book, "Life Harmony, Feng Shui in Plain English". His forum activity culminated with the first volume of a series called "The Wisdom of the Ages is available for the price of asking a question", now a series with 8 books.

His first novel, "Hero at Large", is the first in a series to bring together his love of the space genre, spirituality and cats. He is currently writing the third book in "The Hunter Legacy" series, with the second, "Hunted Hero Hunting" was released in June 2015. "Send in the Hero" was released in July 2015. "Make or Break the Hero" is scheduled for release in August 2015.

While writing novels, he also continues to write other books, with the release of '101 Tips for the John of God Brazil Experience' in June 2015. The X3 Handbook for Albion Prelude was also released in July 2015.





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