Movie Review: Disney’s Maleficent

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Movie Review: Disney’s MaleficentMaleficent on May 2014
Length: 97 Minutes
Genres: Fairytale, Young Adult
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Directed by Robert Stromberg (production designer of "Alice in Wonderland", "Avatar", "Oz the Great and Powerful"), produced by Don Hahn ("Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame") and Joe Roth ("Alice in Wonderland", "Oz the Great and Powerful", "Snow White and the Huntsman"), and written by Paul Dini (both Batman and Superman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toons Adventures, Batman Beyond) and Linda Woolverton ("Alice in Wonderland", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King"), this big-budget live action remake of Walt Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty explains how and why Maleficent turned so evil that led her to curse the infant Princess Aurora. This is the story of how a once-good fairy became the "Mistress of All Evil". - IMDB

My Thoughts

Ahhh… what to say? What a villain Maleficent is! But like all of us she started off with good in her heart and that was the story behind her story, why she became so evil.

I thought this was done wonderfully. The story behind everything of course had me cringing and hoping for a better way but people will be people and because of that Maleficent is left hurting and alone in this cruel world.

The movie was quite dramatic and of course very dark. I love this idea behind allowing the curtain to open on the past and showing villains for who they really are. And this movie did not fail to do that and more. Angelina Jolie was fantastic as were the other actors and I was mesmerized the entire time.

The trailer fortunately only shows a few parts of the movie so it is not one of those where you see the entirety of the film in just a few clips. There was so much more to be told, to be shown, and for the audience to understand. And in the beginning of the movie the narrator tells us that this story is different than others that we’ve heard through the ages so it allows the viewer to keep that in mind as the story progresses and I must say I did like that but especially because the ending was so different.

I can say that although this isn’t a movie that will make you think for years to come, it is a movie that did what movies are supposed to do, which is to take its audience to another world entirely. To introduce us to a story and show another version, to take us away from life as we know it and to allow us a few moments into this fantastical world. I know I want to live in the fairy world, it is gorgeous!!


The few plot holes (like where are the fairies throughout the movie) were not GLARING but they did raise a few questions. The fairies were so freaking cute and I was so excited to see Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge)! I have always loved her and I thought this was such a cute part for her. Diaval was my favorite character and I just loved how they were able to add in so much character to the forms he took. I think Sam Riley did an amazing job of showing that he was Maleficent’s servant while also adding in some snark!

As for Stefen, ohhh that guy. What a moron! I was hoping he would make different choices but then we wouldn’t have such a great movie. But it is the kiss at the end that just makes this fabulous!

Overall, maybe a bit dark for younger children, although, I think I would have loved to take my six year old niece but I really think this is for audiences of 10 year olds and above.

Maleficent 2


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