Losing Weight & Living Healthy: August 2014

August 16, 2014 How To's, Living Healthy 7

Living HealthyA few years ago I lost 50 lbs. In 2014 my hubby is trying to do the same. This is our journey to reaching our goals of losing more weight and living healthy while still feeling happy!

August 2014! What you can do!

Living healthy can be hard. It’s so much easier to stop and get a meal for the kids from a fast food restaurant. It’s easier to sit on the couch than to do some push ups. It’s so much easier to snack at night before going to bed. But what does all of this do to our inner workings? Not only physically but mentally also?

I’m going to start doing Yoga every day. Why don’t you make ONE change, just ONE for a better you. I know you’re tired and stressed but this is not only for you TODAY but for a better you TOMORROW!

Start slow! You can choose one thing a day to start getting you on the right track! Here are a few things you can try to do:

Daily changes:

  • Eat FEWER carbs. You don’t have to go crazy but think of carbs like chocolate. They are there to give your body sugar but really, how much sugar do you need?
  • Limit your processed food! Processed food is worse than sugar! Life is hard though, so just try to limit to one meal a day and then try to limit to once a week (fast food especially)
  • Lower sugar intake. One soda a day, one cookie, or one ice cream, etc… I still use sugar in my coffee and tea. Give yourself limits but be reasonable with what you CAN and are willing to do!
  • Figure out an exercise you enjoy! Tennis? Yoga? Swimming? Running (ok running is hard but some people really like it!) Dancing? Try something that you are willing to give 10 minutes to and then work those minutes up to 20 next week. 30 the week after!
  • Drink more water! If you have to add something to it! Make your life easy but make sure you’re getting your water intake!
  • Don’t forget to eat!!

Weekly changes:Challenges

  • Make goals and challenge yourself! I find that I do much better if I have a challenge that I am trying to complete. I found this really fun challenge over at How to be Healthy!
  • Prepare food ahead of time. Use crock pot meals or seal meals in freezer bags so they are easy to pull out and heat up!
  • Try a new recipe! Pinterest is great for this!
  • Try a new exercise! Yoga is low impact so it’s easy on the body, plus it’s slower than cardio but also strengthens you while you work out!
  • Find a friend that wants to do challenge themselves as well!

August 2014!! What I’m doing!

The reason I’m being so specific about the date is because we all lose track of time. It’s normal in our every day lives. What is not normal (or shouldn’t be) is feeling like crap! And that’s about to change!

There are many, many diets out there right now. So many that who knows which is the right one for you, or for me, or for my hubby?!!! It would be a miracle to find one that fits perfectly.

Instead of “dieting” we’re going to try a few things differently this month.

August 17 – 23: No carbs after 2 PM!

Ok, this could fall under dieting but I’m going to categorize it as watching what we eat. You HAVE to have carbs to fuel your body so we’re not going to take them out completely but I really want to start watching how many carbs we are putting into our mouths.

August 17 – 31: Daily 30 mins of exercise

NO excuses! To be healthy we have to live healthy! This can be fun though. My hubby loves to play tennis and swim. I love to do yoga and walk. So we’re going to mix things up and do all of the above PLUS add in a class or two of zumba!

Do you have any cooking or fitness tips for August? Are you trying to be healthier?

See you guys in Sept!


7 Responses to “Losing Weight & Living Healthy: August 2014”

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    My “trick” is to make sure I get a little protein with every meal– and I don’t mean steak. Lean chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, peanut butter, vegetables, greek yogurt, tofu, oatmeal–whatever works for you. It satiates you better than anything else.

    I had a sleeve gastrectomy in Feb and lost 57 lbs. My doctors thought I could lost more– I’ve plateaued and need to get something changed–but I’m also disabled and can’t do much exercise because I have to be careful of my spine. I walk my dogs to the park every night when the weather cools down, and try to do house cleaning at a rapid pace to make it burn more calories. I have 2 lb weights– don’t laugh 🙂 –I have a messed up spine and nervous system so can’t lift heavy things–that I lift up and down while reading someone’s blog, as the doctor suggested upper body strength if you can’t do stuff with your lower body well. Every little bit helps!
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 8/16-8/18/14My Profile

    • Christina

      That’s amazing Rita! I’m so glad you’re using the weights because that is something that we all need to incorporate. It’s so easy to do (without injuries) but I never do it!

      We’ve been really good at getting protein into our diet. It’s those carbs!! I tell you what. They are so yummy. We’re cutting back on some of the carbs but I don’t want to “diet” too much to where we both are sick of our food. But it is fun to learn about this stuff and play with meals to see what we like!

      Seriously though, kudos to you for exercising with that kind of injury! A lot of people give up. And 57 lbs is amazing!!

  2. anna (herding cats & burning soup)

    Great post Christina! I’m trying to get healthier but whew it is slow going. I just like too many naughty foods and so don’t enjoy exercise. lol Fab combo, right? I was actually doing really well until this summer hit and was so hard with the herd. Now that things are calmed down I’m trying to get back into it again. Actually cooking again has been helping me quite a bit. I’m going to try to get out with the herd pup too 🙂
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    • Christina

      It is hard! There are just so many yummy foods out there that are bad for us! I was reading a book where the lady was saying to change your diet slowly then later in the book she says her diet consists of ZERO sugar. She had a list of 25 things not to do. I was having a conniption just reading about all the yummy sugars that she took away. It may be easy for her now but you have to start slowly to get to that point. Reading her list made me very frustrated with diet books in total. I hate them! They can be so confusing with so many what not to do’s. So I’m trying to share what I’ve done without being overwhelming. I hope that’s coming across!

      We’re getting out with our pups now too. It’ll be easier when it’s not so HOT. Whew…

  3. Red Iza

    I used to go running every morning before going to work, it’s not as hard as it looks (with a progressive plan), it’s addictive even (yay endorphins !). But yoga sounds good too, it’s a good method to make your body work and enjoy it. One of my favourite stretching poses is taken from yoga. I think before starting all this, it’s necessary to take a break for a few days, think deeply about what you really want to do – though you’ve obviously done it already. Doing it not because society wants you to but because it’s good for you. By the way, I love the title of your blog. I wish you serenity (and no more dog fights !) 😉
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    • Christina

      Thank you so much! Yes, finding serenity can be so much fun! I used to walk every day and then winter hit (a year ago!) and I stopped. I even had begun to run and could run for about two minutes which was amazing for me. I have a treadmill so I just need to get back into it but yes, yoga first.

      That’s wonderful that you say that. So many people want to lose weight for “society” or whatever. I had that way of thinking for so long and it hurts! Now it’s all to just be toned and stay in shape! I like to feel good! And yes, those endorphins can be soooo addicting! Love it!