Losing Weight & Living Healthy: Making Life & Exercise Easy

September 6, 2014 How To's, Living Healthy 2

Living HealthyA few years ago I lost 50 lbs. In 2014 my hubby is trying to do the same. This is our journey to reaching our goals of losing more weight and living healthy while still feeling happy!

September 2014!! What I’m doing!

The hubby is going to be gone most of this month and into October. This is going to be really weird for me. I hate cooking for just myself and we normally cook enough for an army and just eat leftovers. Cooking for one person is going to be crazy. But last month I started doing something really cool and it helps with our daily lives and I think I’m going to incorporate this thinking into my Sept and Oct routines.

Make ahead and freeze meals!Freezer Meals

I swear, with how busy everyone is, this is like the wave of the future. I don’t own a microwave so fast cooking isn’t something I can do, but what I CAN DO is make healthy meals ahead of time and freeze them. This past Sunday I created 15 meals and threw them all into freezer baggies and labeled them. I was super tired but the mess was cleaned up and when I look in the freezer now I have SO MANY OPTIONS. It’s almost unbelievable!!

What I did is found meals that I love, like below the Shrimp Pad Thai, threw together the ingredients, and then threw them in a bag. Actually, I have to admit I’m even lazier then that. I mixed the ingredients IN the bag after I wrote down the name of the meal and the date it was made. It took two hours to make those 15 meals. For some things like Balsamic chicken I only added Balsamic dressing to the chicken so it would freeze around the chicken. I also added some Honey BBQ sauce to some meatballs and for another set of meatballs I added marinara.

Shrimp Pad ThaiAll in all we have very eclectic tastes and ended up with a cuban meal (piccadillo, I’ll post the recipe soon, omg it’s yummy), Spanish chicken, Greek Chicken, Italian Meatballs, Tex Mex turkey, and more.

Now I can stick my head in the freezer, think about what I’m in the mood for and grab it! I’ve found on average the chicken meals take about 30 minutes to thaw and cook. So really I’ve saved myself the prep and clean up time AND I’m giving myself many, many meals to choose from!

What’s your fav meal? Think you can do this with your favorite meal?

No gym? No problem!

I found the best pin on pinterest! It’s all about free exercise! Who doesn’t love free? (Thank you Daily Hiit.com!)

Many people do not exercise because they do not have the time or money to get the latest gadgets. Here we have a fantastic solution to both problems! But if you’re a beginner to exercise or like to keep things light, some of the things on this list might make you squirm and then you’re not exercising because the list freaks you out! So let’s fix that…

Ok, so let’s take this starting with the first day and edit to our liking. Monday – running? eww! Scratch that! But I can easily do 50 Jumping Jacks and 40 Mountain Climbers. (See below for description of the exercises). 30 Squats aren’t going to ACTUALLY kill me, although I don’t like them. And burpees suck too but I can do them. I’ll shoot for 20 but I’ll probably die at around 10!

So… On Monday this month I will do:

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Squats (again ewww!)
  • and 20 Burpees (WHEW that squat jump too… holy crap!)
  • I won’t run but I can walk for a mile. This will be a nice cooldown so it’ll actually be fun! If I can’t get out I’ll run in place for 2 minutes.

No gymDo this little edit for every single day! If you don’t run or do not do a particular exercise then edit it! Change it! Do whatever you need to do to make that exercise your bitch! For instance for Tuesday I already know I cannot do 10 Push Ups because I have NO strength in my arms. BUT I can do 5!  The rest I can do. So my edited version for Tuesday would look like:

Do that every day and you’re going to be on a wonderful track for September!!


Don’t forget to add in Daily or Weekly changes.

AND MORE importantly!

DO NOT pressure yourself if you go off of your diet or binge! Ok, you did it. I really hoped you enjoyed it too! Yesterday I ate a tub of air popped popcorn with white cheddar and butter. OMG! Talk about delicious. It was SOOO FREAKING yummy that I wanted to make more and eat another bin but I was already full so instead I grabbed some sweet tea to wash all that yumminess down. Did I beat myself up? Honestly, I started to and then I thought back to how enjoyable it was eating that popcorn and while reading the most engaging and dramatic book and I allowed myself that comfort. I also reminded myself that I am a human so mistakes can be innate and anyway eating can be super fun, so let yourself have breaks, you need them!


Coming up in October: Staying healthy with the holidays! 😉 Especially if you’re a chocoholic!

2 Responses to “Losing Weight & Living Healthy: Making Life & Exercise Easy”

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    Lots of good advice here, some I knew but needed reinforcing, like not to beat myself up about a mistake and then feel like all my good work is over. I’ve lost a lot of weight this year but then plateaued too early (I want to lose 17 more). I can’t do much exercise besides walking because of my disabilities but I’m going to look into low impact exercise.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Mini Reviews- (3)- 9/4/14My Profile

    • Christina

      Great idea! I’m horrible about beating myself up when I go too crazy but enjoying is what life is really about! And then hopefully getting right back to it! I’m at a plateau also so changing things up and hoping that’ll help. I still want to lose 20 lbs and the hubster and I made a pact that for each pound I lose before my birthday I get to buy one new piece of clothing!! 😀 I think it’s a great incentive and will push me a lot more than just thinking about those pesky pounds. lol 😀