Life of a Blogger – Handwriting

April 3, 2014 Blog 0



  • What is it?

It’s a weekly feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat. Each week she will choose a subject and talk about that subject in her life. The topics will be non-bookish so that we can all get to know each other!


  • When is it?

Every Thursday. It doesn’t really matter when you post, though, just remember to come back and add your link to the linky!



Ahhh! I love this subject!

I love writing. Like not the just writing but the pen to paper type of writing.

I love fonts! While doing graphics I have to scroll, and then scroll some more, and then scroll again to find fonts that I want to actually use. I have so many! The hard part is finding which one fits THE moment!

I’ve read recently that they are no longer teaching cursive. I just don’t understand why not. It feels like it’s kind of a vital thing to life… Maybe just because I was forced to do it so they should be also. What are your thoughts on this?


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