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March 6, 2014 Blog 2



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So, I don’t camp that much anymore. I camped so much as a child that I think my parents helped to kill it for me. We did have some amazing times and there were a few times when the weather was just right and I got to explore and find myriad of things that have stayed with me until this day!

Two experiences really stuck with me though.

The first we were camping in North Carolina (actually both are there) and we were walking along a small creek. I hardly remember anything else except seeing a fish squirming in between two rocks. Being the type of person that I am, a lover of absolutely everything, I knew that I needed to save that poor fish! So I bent down and with both hands, they aren’t really big now but I was twelve ish then so I’m guessing they weren’t too much smaller, picked up what I THOUGHT was a caught fish. What I had actually picked up was a snake! Now, the funny part of this story is that I love snakes and I am deathly afraid of heights. Seriously… I shake if I’m on a step ladder, really it’s ridiculous. So, after picking up said snake I squeeked and somehow with a second or two second span of time found myself ON TOP of a huge rock. No clue how I got up there but I traversed that baby like it was nothing! Thankfully the snake (poor guy) was dead but still he scared me enough to forget about the heights!

The second experience was just as funny (afterwards) to me. We were tubing down this beautiful river and it was one of those great years when there was so much rain that the river is flooded and even though we could still see to the bottom, we knew it was a few feet down. I loved it. It had actually rained that day as well. Warm, light rain cascaded down while we were tubing. I loved it! So… there were these little water falls in the river, rocks placed just so that they made a foot or so of a fall. My tube just happened to go right into and over one of these small falls. Sadly, as I was going over, it also popped. I never knew how difficult it is to gain your balance after churning in a water fall. I actually stayed under water for quite a while and although I’m pretty sure I must have inhaled quite a bit of water, all I can remember is the pretty rocks at the bottom of the river. They were seriously pretty. Pretty enough for me to forget I was drowning! But it was ok, my Dad has some seriously long legs, like Daddy Long Legs (HA new nickname!) and ran down the river and saved my sorry, drowned ass.

Funnily enough… I haven’t been camping since… wonder why? 😉

What are your memories from camping?


2 Responses to “Life of a Blogger!”

    • Christina

      LOL I know right!? I knew you would get a laugh at this. My hubby is trying to convince me that we need to start camping… I just point at the door.