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Travel! There’s so much and not so much that I can say about that word. We don’t travel very often because we have our four wonderful but very obnoxious dogs and being stuck with them in a vehicle for hours on end is just NOT fun!

12-9E5872E9-1475653-800The last time we traveled we drove just about twelve hours with all four in the vehicle. It was horrible, and hilarious, frightening, and tiring. It was our first trip with Bruno, our largest and silliest mutt of the bunch. He LOVES car rides. He also loves to sit in his daddy’s lap… while daddy is driving. Being that he is just shy of 80 pounds I’m sure you can see why this doesn’t really work. 40 minutes into our trip and he already was trying to sit in daddy’s lap. And I mean, why not?!  A pooch has to be comfy too, right?

One of our other poor mutts, Gio, a weimaraner who is fortunately very lanky, had to squish in between Jax, our German Shepherd and Bruno. Let’s put it this way… Gio was not happy. Anna is smaller than the boys and is allowed to be in the front. 40 pounds is a lot smaller but still, having a pup in my lap the entire time with Bruno getting jealous was just too funny. IMAG1021

We wound up having a cop pull us over and the poor guy jumped back about two feet when I started rolling down the window and the dogs all got jumpy at once. He actually did laugh, thank goodness! This was only about three hours into the trip so if we would have been hauled into jail because of crazy dogs that would have been one horrible start to the trip!

I wound up driving a lot of the trip and it wound up being great. Bruno still doesn’t understand why he can’t sit in the front seat with daddy… that may take a while to train. Fortunately we’re not traveling this year!!

And if you’re like my mother-in-law and wondering why we have so many damn dogs (sometimes I wonder myself) just look at how it all started…

Jaxson at 6 months!!


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