Just a Name

January 27, 2015 Blog, Dark, Poetry 0

by Lilly Baxley

I knew her, once,

when she was smaller, I think.

She had a short…sweet name?

She used to visit with the snowfall

and the loud woman I live with

would decorate the rooms

and the table would be filled with

strange smells.

After we sat for a time,

the little girl would leave with those she came.


I started…forgetting,

losing, things.

Even small words became harder.

That girl,

the same girl came again

and her face seemed familiar

but I could not place her name.

When I tried to start placing things,

a deep pressure would build

in my head.

Sadness and anger were all I could stir up.

I see that face in my mind

and I know I knew the name

that went with it


But it seems to have disappeared.

About Lilly Baxley

Stage manager, theater lover, artist in various forms. poetry writer and wannabe killer of zombies! (Michonne in the making)

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