How to assemble your zombie First Aid Kit!

October 3, 2017 Crafts, Fall Crafts 0

THIS is simply a MUST for all of us. I mean, just in case, you know!? Don’t think, just DO IT!

First of all, a first aid kit is important for many different reasons. Harvey and Irma showed us that in just a few, short, grueling days. I’m from Florida and currently live in Louisiana (apparently I can’t find a state above sea level) so I know what it is like to worry that your house is going to be hit by torrential storms. Water rises, trees fall, power is off, etc. Plus we have five dogs. Maybe I should create a pup emergency kit for the zombie apocalypse too!

So, where do you start? There are so many first aid kits online. It’s a bit ridiculous, unless you think like a end of the world prepper, but again, hurricanes remind us that the crap can hit the fan at ANY time. What’s great is that these kits vary by budget. Although, let’s be real here, if I’m going to buy an end of the world kit, I want it to last several days. SEVERAL!

  • There’s the Three day survival kit, which includes some food, canvas, lights, water proof matches, and emergency blankets. And the price is pretty good too! – $29.97
  • Two person survival kit with food, water, water purification tablets, tissues, wet naps, first aid kit, blankets, ponchos, and most important, playing cards. This also comes in a variety of backpacks with wheels, waterproof, camo, etc. – $55.99

There are more survival kits that come in family size, which is basically survival for four or five for three days, and jumbo which can go up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars! But we know what we need most in the case of zombies, and that’s weapons! Honestly, if a zombie apocalypse did break out my hubby and I would be up a creek because we do not really have weapons. I do have a sharp chef’s knife but that requires getting up close and personal.

If you’re serious about getting set up, especially since hurricane seasons are gradually getting worse, check out this very informative page on doomsday prepping. It could save your life, or scare the wits out of you!

And most of all, don’t forget the rules!






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