How Could You Forget?

March 19, 2015 Dark, Poetry 0

by Lilly Baxley

Your eyes wonder over bruises

past, but linger still.

Pain, you can’t put your finger on

as you stare blankly

passed the window sill.


Your eyes wonder over carpet stains

glistening garnet on grey

wondering how they came to be

wondering if they’ll stay.


Your eyes wonder through the rain

and question if it will cleanse your skin,

then your mind wonders and,

comes back to him.

A blurred face,

moves quick in pace

and the pain comes

but does not last.

Why don’t you remember,

how could you forget so fast?

About Lilly Baxley

Stage manager, theater lover, artist in various forms. poetry writer and wannabe killer of zombies! (Michonne in the making)

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