Horror Mondays! Movie Review: Deliver Us From Evil

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Horrifying MondaysHorrifying Mondays is all about what scares us. The horror behind the curtains that we refuse to open, the creatures in the dark, and sometimes those creatures that are in the open!

Each Monday will bring a different horror… to help you cope with the horror that is Monday with the horrors that are in the fantasy world.




Horror for Today: Demons & Things that go Bump in the NightDeliver Us from Evil

Demons for some reason really freak me out. Maybe it’s that their existence is not confirmed nor denied. I don’t know but when voices start mingling or get all crazy, that’s my it’s time to go spot! This movie has quite a bit of that! Which is awesome! Thankfully I had my pup on my lap to protect me from the scary!

Deliver Us From Evil
on 2 July 2014 (USA)
Genres: Horror, Thriller

New York police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city.

My Thoughts HorrorI have to say, I’m impressed! Not to say that this will be go down as the scariest movie of 2014 or anything, but it was good!

Firstly, there is a plot! I know… that’s amazing in itself. It starts with some marines going down into a tunnel that looks like it had not been used in years. And by years I mean a century! It was dusty! I can only imagine what weird viruses that they were not inoculated for would be lurking down there. Which did leave questions at the end of the movie. But the premise is that they go into this cave and basically freak out later.

The characters are actually really understandable. The cop, Sarchie, played by Eric Bana is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of Eric Bana for some reason but the character he portrayed in this was on point. You can tell immediately that he loves his family and his job. He’s just a good guy but he doesn’t have the perfect life. He has some demons (ha pun) that he needs to deal with within himself. That’s never easy but especially not if you see horrors in your daily job.

I also really liked his partner and the priest that he meets. There were small clues about the partner that I was trying to fit together but wasn’t totally able to until the Priest enters the scene. At first Sarchie gives the priest a cold shoulder because God just isn’t something that he believes in anymore, but he has his reasons. Myriad of evil that he has seen since he was 12. The priest understands and still sticks by him, which I think is awesome. This priest knows his stuff!

The characters have growth also! I love a horror where you can actually see the character growing! I’ve really missed that. What’s great about this is that not only did I love it as a horror fan, so did my hubby who hates horror. There is just so much to enjoy about this with a few scares along the way!

The only downside? Why do demons always have to mess with kids? Seriously…

 What’s your time to go moment in horror films?

Horror Meter: 3.5/5

Gore: 2/5

Shock Factor: 3/5

Emotions: 4/5

Total Scare: 4/5




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