Horror Mondays! Book Review: Mary, The Summoning by Hillary Monahan

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Horror Mondays! Book Review: Mary, The Summoning by Hillary MonahanMARY: The Summoning (Bloody Mary, #1) by Hillary Monahan
Series: Bloody Mary #1
Published by Disney-Hyperion on September 2nd 2014
Genres: Horror, Young Adult
Pages: 245
Source: NetGalley
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There is a right way and a wrong way to summon her.

Jess had done the research. Success requires precision: a dark room, a mirror, a candle, salt, and four teenage girls. Each of them--Jess, Shauna, Kitty, and Anna--must link hands, follow the rules . . . and never let go.

A thrilling fear spins around the room the first time Jess calls her name: "Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. BLOODY MARY." A ripple of terror follows when a shadowy silhouette emerges through the fog, a specter trapped behind the mirror.

Once is not enough, though--at least not for Jess. Mary is called again. And again. But when their summoning circle is broken, Bloody Mary slips through the glass with a taste for revenge on her lips. As the girls struggle to escape Mary's wrath, loyalties are questioned, friendships are torn apart, and lives are forever altered.

A haunting trail of clues leads Shauna on a desperate search to uncover the legacy of Mary Worth. What she finds will change everything, but will it be enough to stop Mary--and Jess--before it's too late?

I loved this! I have not read nor seen a good horror in so long! As a matter of fact my hubby and I watched a “scary” movie the other night and I laughed through the entire ridiculousness of it. Of course he was cringing on the couch so my idea of horror may be a little different from most… 😉

THAT said… THIS was amazing. I loved it from the beginning. I was curious because it starts with a letter and it just gets more and more curious after that. The narration jumps from the letter to present day and it only took me a minute to figure that jump (read as a Netgalley so this could change in print) so that did not slow me down. I loved that they are doing this ritual that everyone has heard about and of course nobody is willing to do! Unless you are willing to risk actually seeing a ghost, which these girls were.. kind of.

Jess was the only girl that just killed me. It’s like she didn’t realize her motives COULD cause bad things to happen. She is consistently putting her friends into danger. I just didn’t understand her at all.

What I loved, just absolutely loved, was that every frightening image that I have had about mirrors and shiny things, happens in this book! And of course I read it in the middle of the night, because I’m a glutton for punishment apparently. The horror in this was written so well that it was almost tangible. From the first scene with Mary to the last my heart was pounding and I went to bed without being able to get this fabulous story out of my head!

The only thing I wanted was a bit more of an ending. I can see why she ended it the way she did though. There are still MANY questions but certain things are resolved. Not fully maybe, but things are resolved to a point. And I have to say, maybe I’m being evil but I cheered at one point at the end because damn it!!! That just needed to happen.

In short: Very well written horror! I cannot wait, CANNOT wait for book two. I want to know what’s going to happen next!

Seriously… I’m dancing in my seat this was so horrific. Love it and love Hillary Monahan!


Horror Meter: 4.5/5

Gore: 4/5

Shock Factor: 5/5

Emotions: 4/5

Total Scare: 4.5/5

Hillary Monahan is Eva Darrows is also an international woman of mystery. Holed up in Massachusetts with three smelly basset hounds, she writes funny, creepy things for fun and profit.

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

4 Responses to “Horror Mondays! Book Review: Mary, The Summoning by Hillary Monahan”

    • Christina

      It was creepy! None of them really believed at first but right out of the gate the ghost shows up and starts creating havoc. It was intense but sooooo good! Definitely not something I would recommend if you don’t like horror though.

    • Christina

      Sounds like a great plan! I was silly and read it at night while the hubby was sleeping… Sigh! Sometimes I can’t even trust myself! This is prob my fav of the month.