Horror Monday: Discussion! Do you prefer a recap from the prior book?

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Horror Monday: Discussion! Do you prefer a recap from the prior book?Surviving in the Time of Zombies by Jeffrey Littorno
Series: The Most Uncommon Cold #2
on September 13th 2014
Narrator: Todd Menesses
Length: 6 hrs and 14 mins
Genres: Horror, zombie
Pages: 320
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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The zombie apocalypse continues...
I did the first thing that came to my mind, and that was to kick the shell in the head
as hard as I could. Although there was an audible snap, the head moved very little. The
putrid undead thing continued trying to grab hold of me, but I managed to evade its hands and keep kicking.
At the same moment I heard a squish sound and saw blood start pouring from the head
on to the yellowish tile floor, Lawrence was standing next to me. He had his gun out and pointed at the stairs. The sound of shells slowly grew louder.
And just like that the wave of bodies began pouring down the stairs.

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Discussion: Sequels! Do you prefer a recap from the prior book?

This book actually begins with the last chapter of book one. I actually thought for a few minutes that I had the wrong book. I had to keep checking to make sure! I normally do like having a bit of a refresher to help, especially if the books in the series are published far apart.

It is sometimes difficult, especially if the sequel is a year or so (or more!) later, to re-read the entire series to get caught up. Maybe if there is only one it would not be so bad but when you get into a series that has 5 or 6 books in it, then it can be a real hassle.

In this case I enjoyed the refresher although I had just listened to book one the week before. I read a lot of zombie books too, so having that refresher gets me into the right frame of mind.
Having said that, I think I prefer when authors do drop hints throughout the book, not the kind of refresher that is like this one, a full chapter from the previous! Some hints here and there are nice, and also enable a new reader to pick the book up without having to read the entire series.

I’ve jumped into a series before and then realized afterwards that I started off on a book that was NOT book one. Sometimes if it’s a meh read then I’ll just leave it at that. But there are those times when there is a good enough story and enough background that you either have to stop the sequel entirely, or you go back to book one after you finish the sequel. Those are the books that you know are GOOD!!

Now for the review:

This was a great extension of the first!

There are new characters in this one. Fortunately they are for the most part pretty intelligent and are now starting to realize that life is not as they once knew it. It’s still only a few days in, however, so the entire zombie apocalypse thing is a new one for them. This explains a lot of their stupidity, like using guns, or even once A CHAINSAW! But, they realized that noise brings in the shells (Jeffrey Littorno’s usage for zombie) and they try to keep it down. After a while they even decide to control their gun use even though they know it will bring them closer to the shells.

The zombies are not talking as much. The characters are all trying to hypothesize why and what is going on. They wind up making up some pretty reasonable excuses for what is going on. I was impressed although it took them a while.

I really enjoyed reading about Lawrence. He seems to be able to snap back easily. He’s very optimistic even though he has lived a really hard life and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the others alive. Normally this means sitting back and watching the young girl that is with them. This is great! Having a hero like this just really makes me happy. He’s being a hero without being in everyone’s face about it. Especially around these egomaniacs.

Sadly, there were some of the same issues as book one. Constantly going off mentally like you’re Walter Mitty is NOT going to keep you alive. This should be a rule. Do not visualize stupid crap while in an apocalypse. I do understand that to a point nobody will want to be in that situation, but visualizing other crap and leaving, even for a few seconds, mentally will put you and everyone else at risk. In a word, it is: stupid.

Some of the drama is built off of dreams and visualizing again. I really hate these parts. If there is going to be drama, I mean it is the zombie apocalypse, then do not make it up! It just goes back to the last paragraph. There is enough drama around to not put yourself (or a reader) through this.

The audio was fantastic. Todd Menessess does a fantastic job of making me feel like the zombie apocalypse is real. I could listen to this narrator all day long. He is perfect for this type of story. I looked up Todd’s work and it seems like he has done many zombie stories. His voice totally fits the grit and terror that these stories evoke.

In short: A really good story. I liked the characters more in this one. Really enjoying Jeffrey Littorno’s take on zombies. It’s refreshing and bloody!


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