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October 26, 2015 Blog, Horrific Monday, Horror 0

horror mondayTalking about all the bumps in the night, the things that creep and crawl, and scare the daylights out of us!

With Halloween fast approaching, and the new show for Evil Dead, today I have to wonder if Evil Dead fans are just as excited as I am? Or freaked out because those movies have always creeped me out, to a level that no other movie can reach!

In my defense I saw this when it first came out. I remember watching the first Evil Dead with the lights off and popcorn on my lap. No clue how old my sister was since she is nearly 6 years younger than I am, so I imagine she was probably in bed. My daughter watched this recently and she has no idea why I’m so freaked out so let me explain.

The voices. I mean… why? Why are there creepy ass voices in this?! I hate it. I’m getting chills now just talking about it. It’s a thing with me. And I realize I probably do not like them because I watched this around 10 or so and it was the absolute worst horror ever. And by that, I mean that I absolutely loved how freaking scared I was!

I even can remember THE exact moment when I got freaked out. To this day I do not like someone calling out card names in a deck. FREAKS. ME. OUT. That part is where the voices start coming in and oh my lord, I am sure I was either sitting on my dad’s lap or at the very least RIGHT up next to him. I’m 40 years old and at that part I still cover my ears.

Of course as poor Ash goes crazy the movie takes a turn for the crazy as well. It goes a bit wacky, but most of it is fun. How else could you deal with these spirits which are trying to invade and/or kill you in horrific ways? The essence of freakdom is there so even as the storyline goes crazy and everyone starts being possessed, I’m normally under the covers or have my hands ready to cover my ears!

That said, the bar is set pretty high for fans. I love Sam Raimi and have watched Lucy Lawless as Xena for a number of years with my daughter. I want this to go so well that it breaks records, but will fans have the bar set too high? Can you bring something back 20 years later and hope to continue the discussion and have it be just as scary, if not scarier, for the people that watched it when they were kids?

I hope that it is going to be fabulous. I am trying to not get overly excited but as you can probably tell, that train left the station the moment I heard about this. I’ll be busy on Halloween, sitting on my couch with my hubby, eating popcorn, watching a marathon of Evil Dead, and probably have my hands covering my ears.

Discussion: What book or movie is on your most creepy list? Why?



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