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April 4, 2016 Sunday Post 0

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It’s been a long two months…

I have been away visiting and assisting my grandmother. Sadly, she is 92 and the family is getting ready to put her into a home. Weirdly, Florida does not have many gerontology programs. You think they would be massive down there. After debating what to do with Nana and how she can best be looked after, we decided that moving back up north to Michigan was the way to go. Which also explains the Florida situation. Many older folks go there to retire but when they get too old to look after themselves they move back up north. Like in this situation.

I have to admit… I am tired. In March I reviewed THREE books. THREE. Those were actually read before I went to Nana’s also. It is not that she tired me out, I loved being with her, just that it was difficult. This is also my husband’s family, and many of them do not even like me. You have to ask yourself why you’re there when you get so much heat for being the black sheep of the family. It’s infuriating. The good point though, is that I was there for Nana and now I know she is going to be taken care of. She could not stay alone any longer.

On another good note, in my down time for the past two months, I started watching The West Wing and Parks and Rec. Yes, I’m way, way behind but it’s a guilty pleasure. So far I am loving both shows! I also started watching Dr. Who. I think my daughter was going to kill me if I didn’t start. I’m up to Matt Smith and after David Tenet, I have to admit to having a difficult time remaining into it. But, I’m trying!

So, that’s it for the last two months. Lots of family stress but I’m so glad, SO VERY GLAD, to be back home. Being away from my hubby and crazy mutts was hard. Hopefully I can get the blog back in order and get to reading my overwhelming TBR again. YAY!


How has your 2016 been so far?




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