He Said/ She Said Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

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In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan.


They call themselves the “guardians of the Galaxy”

what a bunch of a holes.

She Said:

My husband has been DYING to see this. I am not even kidding. Every single show or movie that had this commercial, he would stop me from fast forwarding through to see the trailer. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So… needless to say, one of us was REALLY excited yesterday when we bought tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Being a Marvel (of the movies) fan myself, I was interested but not hugely. I could have waited for DVD. The hubby could not.

My first Impressions:

From the trailer I assumed there was going to be a lot of action. I mean, this is Marvel we’re talking about. Groot and the Raccoon guy though? Weird… but I figured I’d roll with the punches. The music however has been driving me insane. The hubby has been running around the house singing, and I mean at the top of his lungs…

I….. am hooked on a feeling!

I’m hooked on a feeling too… but we probably shouldn’t talk about that here!

Characterization and interactions:

Ok, I did not think that I would like Groot or Rocket. And I found myself not only enjoying the interplay between these two but anticipating and really loving every minute they were on screen. Groot is my overall favorite! There is one scene where Groot smiles at this friends and I just about died laughing. I was clapping! As was everyone else in the audience!

I might be having Groot withdrawals actually. I miss that guy!


Not knowing what was going to happen, I sat dutifully through the horrible (emotional) first part, giving my hubby evil looks the entire time. Next thing you know it’s 20(ish) years later and we’re starting to meet the main characters. From then on it was pretty fast paced! Character arcs led to great character development and the way all of them get into being a team was really thought out.


Really good. I didn’t think it was overdone. Yes there are explosions but never anything that isn’t completely explained. There is some down time and character set ups as well that move the film along fabulously.


Loved all of them. Chris Pratt did an amazing job and really stood out in the group. But they all stood out in their own ways. And Michael Rooker was in it! As was Nathan Fillion although he’s a really tall alien so he’s harder to recognize.

Film Overall:

I was quite surprised just how much fun I had watching this.

 He Said:

 His first impression:

Highly anticipated. Have been wanting to see this for months. Read the comics and just re-read the comics as a fresher prior to seeing. Could not be any more excited!

Characterization and interactions:

I think they did a really good job with the cast they selected. It worked out really well. It is quite entertaining that they are a bunch of A holes but not 100% dicks.


Well thought out. The plot itself is well driven. There’s a bunch of character arcs throughout the movie. The development of the Guardian’s relationships are really important. If I had to pick a favorite it would be in this order: Rocket, Groot, and then Peter Quill. I’ve always loved Rocket.




Excellent. Bradly Cooper did an awesome job.


Film Overall:

5 Stars  – Hit every single spot, multiple times!


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