Giveaway & Blitz! Compelled by V.J. Chambers

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Giveaway & Blitz! Compelled by V.J. Chambers

Giveaway & Blitz! Compelled by V.J. ChambersCompelled by V.J. Chambers
on May 5th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance

Eight complete novels for only $0.99

Dark. Raw. Provocative. Sexy. Tortured.
Are you ready to go to the edge?

In a V. J. Chambers story, love is searing… but it cannot be resisted. Stakes are high. Danger is imminent. Morality is gray. And characters aren’t perfect.
Read the first books in five different series. And get three standalone novels as a bonus!

Collection contains:

  • Vigil (Standalone): NA Superhero Romance
  • Out of Heaven’s Grasp (Standalone): NA Contemporary about a polygamous cult
  • The Killing Moon (Cole and Dana #1): Werewolf Urban Fantasy
  • Slow Burn (Assassins #1): NA Romantic Thriller
  • Frenzy (Standalone): NA Romantic Thriller
  • Breathless (Jason and Azazel #1): YA Paranormal
  • Dancing Days (The Helicon Muses #1): YA Portal Fantasy
  • The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One: YA Urban Fantasy



Meet the Men

(in the boxed set)



Secret identity: Callum Rutherford, rich playboy

Occupation: superhero

Turn-ons: danger, tiny t-shirts, being in control

Quote: “You can’t expect me to keep my hands off of you. Not when you’re not wearing anything except this fucking shirt.”


Out of Heaven’s Grasp

Jesse Wallace

Occupation: Has lived on his family’s farm his entire life.

Turn-ons: Being away from the strict cult he’s grown up in. Abby London

Quote: “I don’t want to let go of you.”


The Killing Moon

Cole Randall

Occupation: werewolf serial killer

What’s on his mind: Dana Gray. All the time.

Turn-ons: chains, submission

Quote: “You want me. You know it’s true. I know it’s true. And no matter what happens, that feeling isn’t going to go away.”


Slow Burn

Griffin Fawkes

Occupation: Bodyguard

Former occupation: Assassin for Operation Wraith

Turn-ons: camping, waterfalls, blondes

Quote: “Your body is for my eyes only.”



Levi Reed

Occupation: College student/drug dealer

Quirks: Doesn’t use drugs, super secretive

Turn-ons: Women who follow their convictions

Quote: “I want to do the wrong thing, Molly. I want to do the wrong thing with you over and over and over.”



Jason Wodden

Special skills: Fist fighting, quoting Plato, hotwiring cars

Deepest desire: To be a normal teenager

Quote: “If I’m going to have to see you every day, I can’t watch you with him knowing that I feel the way I do, and I never said anything.”


The Toil and Trouble Trilogy

Brice Ventresca

Career aspiration: Acting

Special skills: Getting people over twenty-one to buy him beer

Deepest secret: Turns into a rage-filled monster every night at midnight

Quote: “I think about you a lot. The way it felt to touch you. The way you sighed…. You regret it, don’t you?”


(1) ebook copy of V.J Chambers’s complete Assassins series. Open internationally.

To get this prize all you have to do is comment below on which guy you think would be the most interesting! (read above) Or which quote you liked the most!

Giveaway goes until May 27th!

The Author


VJAuthorV. J. Chambers writes about being inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring. Her works span mundane settings and fantastic ones. She writes about serial killers, cult leaders, werewolves, witches, for-hire assassins, zombies, space pirates, and regular everyday people.

She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat Isis.

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