Getting Ready for Christmas: Healthy Tips for the Holidays

December 12, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures, Holidays 0

getting ready

Food! Does it have to be healthy?

I love to graze during the holidays! There’s so much food to be had and it would be horrible of me if I didn’t try it all! How can all this food be healthy?!Christmas Cheese board

My trick is to eat a little tiny portion of each meal. A spoonful or a taste of the things that I absolutely love! I feel like I’m not going without but my plate is still a normal, healthy size. Not piled with food hanging off the edge and a pyramid of food on top WITH gravy on top of everything!

  • Use a small plate.
  • Don’t fill your plate.
  • Go back for more if you are still hungry.
  • But just eat until you are satisfied!

The benefit of not getting too much food onto your plate is that you also do not feel guilty if you cannot eat it all! What else does this do for you? You may be the only one not having to unbutton your pants! Or worse, change into stretchy pants for the afternoon. (Although, I do love yoga pants. They are like heaven sometimes!).

You may also have enough room for desert! When everyone else has eaten so much they can’t move? You’re moving onto small bites of pecan pie, apple pie, and cheesecake! Yes, all three please because I’m only having a little tiny bit of each!

You can also graze on snacks that aren’t bad for you. Cheese and crackers can be great in small amounts. Fruit trays and salads are also fantastic. Not only will you feel full but in an hour you can go back for more!

What’s next? How to not have a food hangover! What to graze on to feel satisfied but still happy with yourself!


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