Getting Ready for Christmas: Healthy Food

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Food! How to Not Have a Food Hangover!Christmas Cheese board!

Here are some tips from my last eating healthy post as well as some more ideas and recipes to keep you on track!

  • Use a small plate.
  • Don’t fill your plate.
  • Go back for more if you are still hungry.
  • But just eat until you are satisfied!
  • Don’t deprive yourself!

I absolutely love making salads for holidays. I know it’s a bit chilly outside but I know that sticking with a variety of salads will keep the grazing healthy. Both my dad and my dad-in-law are diabetic so remembering to keep their sugar low when I’m cooking for them is a must! But I think this is something we should all think about around the holidays. From October to after New Years we’re gorging ourselves with yummy, decadent food. There has to be a better way to eat and still enjoy!

The recipes below are not necessarily for diabetics but they do lean towards the more healthy than your average recipe!

What to think about when looking for a recipe?

  • Do you want to watch your weight?
  • Are you or anyone in your family diabetic?
  • Do you have kids and are you trying to teach them healthy eating habits?
  • Are you trying to teach yourself healthy eating habits?

If yes to any of the above then you’ve come to the right place!

One trick that I love, like I said above, are salads, veggie, and fruit trays. They can look amazing but they are so good for you!

Here are just a few lovely things I’ve found that I am excited to make:

Orange and Pomegranate salad by Brooklyn Supper! Doesn’t this just look delicious!?

Orange and pomegranateCaprese Skewers! How easy do these look? And so yummy too!


A drink in the form of a Fruit Sangria for the adults!

Kiwi Sangria

Everyone loves a good dip! Check out this 7 layer dip with a Mediterranean twist!

7 layer dip



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    • Christina

      Sound yummy! Sadly, in this house, anything with cucumber is only eaten by me. My hubby doesn’t like it at all!