Getting Ready for Christmas: Gifts for you!?

November 19, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures, Holidays 0

getting ready

This time of the year can be so stressful for people but it really doesn’t have to be! Here’s 25 days to help you get ready and have fun with your family on Christmas (or any holiday!!!)

Gifting for you!

Let’s think about this for a minute. You don’t want to come off as a narcissist but at the same time you always get crappy gifts every year. What’s a gal to do!!?

Easy! Make a list! I know it sounds crude but if you have someone like me in your family you will be getting gifts. It’s up to you if they are cool or not. Well… maybe that person is a genius or they can read your mind but why not make it easy for them!?

When thinking of making your own gift list think of things that you would want for them.

  • Set your own price limit. I set my limit to $35.00 so nothing on my list should be over that.Starbucks gc
  • Do you have hobbies or do you collect something special? Precious Moments, Snow babies, whatever the case may be if you tell people that you collect something this can become the GO TO gift for them each year.
  • If you have specific colors in your house, bathroom is blue, kitchen is green, etc… you can tell them!
  • Go to specific stores a lot? My favs are Starbucks and B&N! Now they can get gift certificates for you!
  • If you are hard to shop for gift certificates may seem a little crass but they are a winner when nothing else comes up. PLUS then you can get your own gifts. Win/win.
  • Special random things that you love? Pens, journals, calendars, a football team, etc…

That’s it! You should give approx 10 or so things so they have a nice idea and that may trigger other ideas! You just made their Christmas shopping a LOT easier! Pat yourself on the back!

Do you give others lists for yourself?



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