Getting Ready for Christmas: Holiday Bucket List

November 17, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures, Holidays 4

getting ready

This time of the year can be so stressful for people but it really doesn’t have to be! Here’s 25 days to help you get ready and have fun with your family on Christmas (or any holiday!!!)

Making a bucket list or a to do list may help with your stress.

Here’s my list:

  • Watch a Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Splurge on a party dress!
  • Get my hair done before the hubby’s Office party!
  • Make Christmas Cards
  • Drive and admire my neighbor’s lights!
  • Go ice skating.
  • Make Hot Cocoa from scratch!
  • Decorate for the holidays
  • Kiss my hubby, under the mistletoe!
  • Read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
  • Crochet myself a scarf! And one for the hubby too!
  • Volunteer at a local food bank!
  • Bake cookies for the neighbors.
  • Watch Christmas Movies (Terry Pratchett movies count! Elf!!)
  • Have a Game Night
  • Buy Christmas Pj’s
  • Wrap Gifts
  • Send out gifts by Dec. 15th
  • Get Christmas Pictures with the pups!
  • Have a great December!

Random acts of Kindness

  • Leave random notes of happiness on cars.
  • Buy a stranger’s movie ticket.
  • Bake brownies for Paul’s co-workers.
  • Leave an extra large tip at a meal out.

More ideas at The Space Between!!


4 Responses to “Getting Ready for Christmas: Holiday Bucket List”

    • Christina

      I would love to say that they were mine but a lot of these I got off of Pinterest! There are some great ideas there and many more that I wanted to do!

    • Christina

      I loved YOUR list! That was awesome. You gave me some great ideas! I hope to do these soon and throughout the year. They’re just fabulous!