Getting Ready for Christmas: Cool Nails!

December 10, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures, Holidays 2

getting ready

Seriously cool nails!

I don’t normally do my nails. I used to chew them quite a bit and broke that habit and as much as I love, love, love nail polish, I just don’t seem to play with it very often. Holidays make it something that I can do. I just have to find the time! Lovely french manicure


Don’t want to go all crazy? Just freshen up your color! Add a little pop in a bright color or red or some sparklies with glitter fingernail polish!

Also, before I forget to mention… most of these ladies have really fabulous but long nails! Your nails do not have to be this long to rock an awesome look. Pick a style or make up your own and run with it. Just don’t be like me and pet the dog afterwards…

How about a french manicure with a bit of sparkly red at the tip!? —–>

I think this is one of my favorites. You’re still adding pizzazz but if you’re normally not a glitter or bright color person you can still feel comfy with this.

French manicure in black is also pretty dang cool! I tried to find the original from this and couldn’t! It doesn’t look too difficult to do, couple sprarkly white dots for snow, french manicure in black and then add the tree and a star. I’d hope that star was a sticker of some sort because there is no way I could paint that good! Really cute!


French Manicure in black

Another design that I simply just love are designs with lines.

White & Silver


Red & silver stripes Stripes


How about some Christmas Polka Dots? This is also awesome because it looks pretty dang easy. I think I could pull this off:

Christmas polka dots French & polka dots


Maybe you have that little black dress that you’ve been dying to wear? How about a dark look:

Dark festive

If you like a bit more creativity there are a TON of ideas on Pinterest. Honestly, I had so much fun just making this post I can’t even tell you! I should probably be ashamed but instead I have over a dozen pics in my Holiday folder. I love it!! Here are a few of the more creative variety…

First off… GRINCH!!! Not everyone is Christmasy. Although I have to say, this is pretty Christmasy but more AWESOME!

Grinch Nails Jazzy

Tree nailsOk! That’s it for today! Otherwise I’ll be here forever because seriously this is fun!!

Do you like to do your nails? Any favorite designs for the holidays?

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