Getting Ready for Christmas: Christmas Cards

November 22, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures, Holidays 6

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Christmas Cards!

Sadly, my correspondence skills are lacking through most of the year. Come Christmas time however, I’m rocking this place! I love writing Christmas cards even if it’s just a simple, we’re thinking of you from across these miles! There is just something about it that makes me happy. Maybe it’s like the gifts themselves but since I am in no way able to get everyone I know gifts, cards take the place of them. To me cards are like sending happy thoughts to your loved ones! And even to acquaintances!

So… the big question now is: How much time do you have!?

Have you bombarded yourself with so many to do lists that you won’t have time to create cards? Then do yourself a favor and just say NO to creating them. It is fun but only if you have adequate time!

Buying cards can be so easy anyway. You can find something that fits your personality, write something quirky, and you’re done!

Cards should not be a reason to stress. Christmas cards can be one of the happy moments in your day! Give someone else a smile, add in a picture, but most of all just have fun!

I try to get my cards done and ship them out the Monday after Thanksgiving. Sound crazy? I get the cards done the middle of November when the stress isn’t all the bad! You can do that too 😀


 How do you save yourself stress with the holidays?


6 Responses to “Getting Ready for Christmas: Christmas Cards”

  1. R_Hunt

    Sadly I don’t send out too many Christmas cards nowadays. Most of my elder relatives have passed and most of our friends have stopped sending cards to save money or effort (I’m guessing) or we have lost contact with folks because we move a lot. My daughter says her acquaintances just email or text their messages, and thinks sending cards will die out eventually, the way handwritten notes are doing. That concept is depressing to me.

    I do make sure that I pick out cards that really truly express my sentiment and have a picture that calls to me. Sometimes it takes me awhile to find just the right cards. I have made cards in the past, but I’m not very crafty and it was just too much work for sub-par results. In our immediate circle, I am the one who usually gets the cards out earliest but now I write them sometime in the first week of December.
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    • Christina

      I feel the same Rita, although I cannot say much because I get notes all the time and hardly ever write back! It’s horrible and something that I really want to address next year. OR starting now since I’m about to send these babies out! I think it’s so much fun to receive mail (so much more than texting), so why not?

      I can see the postage getting a little crazy when you have a big family though. I like to send them out normally all at once but staggering could also help.

      I stay in the card aisle for what seems like days to my hubby. I just love it!

    • Christina

      Thank you! My husband and family all laugh at me! I enjoy doing things 6 months ahead but Christmas Cards I like to save for the week of Thanksgiving. Or early November if I’m making them! I just love, love, love this time of year! 😀