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November 11, 2016 Geek of the week 0

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How do we get through this?

If you have seen The Walking Dead’s season premiere and the latest episode, you know there is no coming back from this.

If you haven’t, you probably do not want to read any further. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The first episode had me on the edge of my seat, waiting through a seemingly endless number of flashbacks, to get to the meat (hahahahaa) of the subject. Who died? Of course, those that have watched know the truth and the truth hurts!

I sort of called it last year as my husband and I were talking. I knew that Abraham was being set up to go down. He was way too happy! We all should know by now that we cannot have any happiness while in an apocalypse! That said, I am glad that he got what little happiness he did. He threw up the peace sign, told Negan to “Suck my nuts” and seriously took it like a man. Geezus. I’m going to miss this crazy asshole. His story was beyond cool. His sayings were even better. It’s no wonder that Negan thought he was Rick’s right hand man. He was tough beyond belief and ready to face Lucille without a doubt that he was taking one for his team.

Then we have Daryl. Do you guys think that what Daryl did caused Glenn’s death? Daryl has always been a tiger, stalking back and forth, waiting for the chance to get out of his cage. This incident is totally Daryl and I do not think fans would expect anything less of him. Do you think he blames himself?

Glenn’s death was heart-wrenching but I think the Walking Dead creators cried wolf one too many times. I found myself more upset about the dumpster incident and when he saved Maggie than now. His death hurt but not as much as it could have had the writers realized that they could only do this so many times before fans start not caring. NOT that I did not care. Oh my god when you see Maggie and how devastated she was and when he said “I’ll find you” my heart went out to them both. BUT that said, it could have been even more devastating say, had the entire iffiness of the dumpster and saving Maggie didn’t happen. It’s just too much effort to keep thinking he’s going to always come out alive. The thing that got me with this is that it was out of nowhere. One second we’re grieving Abraham and the next Negan is beating someone else. What do you guys think?

Do you guys get so involved with characters that you cannot stand to see them get hurt?

Then we have Carol meeting King Ezekial! This guy! Wow. I’m so glad the writers realized very early on that the audience were going to have the same impressions of Carol. Do you think they should have come straight out with telling us who King Ezekial is or should the writers kept that tid bit under wraps for a bit longer?

Carol worries me because she really is going through something that none of us can truly understand. I think between Lizzie and Morgan, they really got into her head. Is Carol going to be able to survive in this world when she sees humans behind every walker?

Which side are you on?

I have to say, I love Negan. Yes, I think he’s a monster and I hate him for what he’s doing to Daryl. But at the same time I was in the military and you have to be broken to be able to fully listen to your superiors in all crazy facets that you can find yourself in. Still, Negan is a bit off the deep end. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays him so well though! Damn he makes being a bad guy look sexy!


Gorgeous artwork from P1xr! Sexy but still crazy.




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