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October 31, 2015 Geek of the week, Horror, Zombies 0

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Is it or is it not so? What are your thoughts?

Spoiler alert for this discussion. Definitely spoilers in this, and there may be spoilers in the comments! Read at your own risk!

I have read some really great zombie books this week and still… hands down, Thank you, The Walking Dead 6.03 that aired last Sunday was the most horrific scene I have seen in a while. Even with Jacqueline Druga creating an alternate ending, actually THREE, in Immune, I still think that the scene with Glenn will be on my mind for awhile.

There are a lot of rumors and speculation going around for so many reasons but man… I just don’t know.

If it is all true and Glenn has left us to become a walker, then why is it so hurtful? So many people are upset, and honestly, I am too! I was not even expecting anything like that! It is The Walking Dead, so apparently I should have but… BUT! … there is no argument here, I just always thought Glenn would make it out.

Watching and re-watching the horrific video makes me think it really was him that got eviscerated. I guess only time will tell.

It makes me really worry for Maggie. She is just now getting her act together! She’s leading Diana and the Alexandrians and really trying to make a difference. She may not be as good as Carol but she can hold her own. She has been through so much, it seems a little crazy to kill off her hubby.

Then there is Rick. He’s already losing his mind. I love him but he really is making some decisions that he would not have made a couple of years ago. I’m curious how he will react knowing that he left. With Rick the group may not have lost so many. And what is he supposed to do now that he is stuck in the RV with a horde of zombies coming straight for him?

This week left so much in its wake. It’s hard to say how things will move forward. Glenn is one smart guy, that’s how he HAS stayed alive for so long, but do you think he can really get out of this one?





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