Geek of the week – Star Talk! How Light Sabers Work

December 16, 2016 Geek of the week 0

geek of the week


StarTalk! Have you guys seen this?

Ok so, full disclosure, as much as I love physics, math, and science, my brain hates them. I loved my Algebra class in college because I finally could put simple concepts together and make it work out! But seriously? Most scientific concepts my brain will sit there and look at you like you just grew a third eyeball or something. Hey, maybe growing a new eyeball is normal for you, but in my world, that shit is weird! I cannot wrap my head around it!

Still, I love physics. I love the idea of understanding how the world works and asking the hard questions about HOW it works. So, StarTalk is my geekdom personified into this fabulous show that talks about everything dealing with the world of science. From how gravity works to how astronauts use the restroom in space. The REAL questions people!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes this so much fun. With co-hosts and a variety of interviews and many, many questions, we all get to learn about the world around us! If you haven’t seen this show, check out this fun little clip.

Ready to own a light saber?

With Star Wars Rogue One coming out soon, I thought it was very important to share the above clip so you get an idea of how crazy and brilliant and wonderful this show and these minds are!





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