Geek of the week – Marvel’s Civil War

May 7, 2016 Geek of the week 0

geek of the week


How do we get through this?

So, while I am not a comic book fan, I am a fan of these characters. The movies have been MARVELous (ha!) and that is what makes this so difficult. Also, I am totally a fan of Tony Stark while my husband is a Captain America fan. I can see things going poorly!

Actually, they will not because I believe I will be too busy crying. I hate when people do not get along. Even other people’s drama does not make me happy. I just hate, hate, hate this with a passion.

So, why see it? Well, Thursday was my hubby’s birthday. He has also been looking forward to this since he was a child (probably). He is one of those people that has full conversations about who really would win in a match up. To be completely honest, I do chime into those conversations. I like these people too even if I have not read the comics.

The one good thing is that everything has to be okay in the end, right? They are the Avengers! It has to be okay. Even the commercials make me cry. So, I’m just going to curl in to a ball, eat lots of popcorn in between tears, and drink a lot of soda. Then I’m going to make my hubby take me to dinner. Ugh… drama! I hate it.

Do you guys get so involved with characters that you cannot stand to see them get hurt?

And onto the more geek question:

Which side are you on?

I have been watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I hate both sides. I feel like this is our bipartisan government all over again. There is no right side. Although, I am kind of thinking that making people say they are different could be scooching over to that wrong side. Tony Stark is of course on that side. We shall see how it plays out.


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