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November 7, 2015 Geek of the week, Horror, Zombies 3

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Do you like an anti-hero?

Constantine is the perfect anti-hero. He cares about the world around him, but not enough to get his own skin in hot water. That said, his skin is ALWAYS in hot water. He’s a magician but not the slide of hand sort, the real kind. He has a heart of gold but prefers to only stick his neck out when there is some kind of profit in it for him. If there isn’t he may stick his neck out anyway because it is the right thing to do.

He’s not on the side of the angels. He thinks they are just as callous and insipid as the demons. He is on his own side and that makes him a badass.

He’s also smart and super sexy!

I’m so sad this only lasted one season. I so want this back! Apparently Arrow’s episode with Constantine brought in a LOT of viewers so hopefully CW will take that as a clue to get onto season two of Constantine. I miss that smart ass!


Guest Geek of the Week:

The Hubby On Constantine & Why There Needs to be a Season Two.

As my wife calls Arrow my Teenage man opera, she rarely watches the show. This week they featured one of my favorite characters in the comic universe John Constantine (met him during my sandman cycle and Lucifer stuff in the early 90s).

This weeks Arrow not only did I get the Mrs. to watch it (Creating Serenity herself!) But also admitted I do truly miss the Constantine TV Show and wish it was renewed for a second season. It was a very well written show, with a very niche following as it was a comic book written more for the older group than the younger crowds.

This episode we meet Constantine in the flashback as well as the recall back to the real time. Matt Ryan stole the show it even made the show that much better. I do hope they bring him back to future episodes. They did leave the opening for that as well as hopefully CW picking up the show next season. Constantine actually used more magic in Arrow than almost 4 episodes of the original series and bringing him to the front was excellent leeway to bring magic to the TV show so with Flash having 2 Earths as well as Magic in the Arrow the future is looking bright for CW and DC comics in the TV universe. I do hope they continue to expand as there are decades of stories yet to be told especially with some great crossovers (cough Green Lantern in Arrow and Flash world!).

This episode with Constantine was the best show of the season so far.





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    • Christina

      It is so worth it. I just love the actor too. He pulls off the anti-hero thing wonderfully!