Geek of the week – Christmas Ideas for the Geek In Your Life

December 9, 2016 Geek of the week 0

geek of the week


For the geeks out there!

I have run into so many websites lately that have some great gifts for the geek in your life! Obviously anything Star Wars and Dr. Who but these sites also have The Walking Dead and Harry Potter!

My Top Ten Fav Geek Gifts:

  1. Harry Potter Socks – Ravenclaw of course but the seller has other houses too!
  2. Walking Dead Christmas Card!eeny-meeny-miney
  3. Grammar Correcting Mug – for all the readers out there.
  4. Hitchhiker’s Guide Don’t Panic Towel! How cool is this!?
  5. Bubble Wrap Calendar! I would probably press all the days. How could you wait?!
  6. Egg Soap for your Game of Thrones Fan!
  7. Dr. Who Boxed Chocolates! Oh, this would kill me to eat them.
  8. Star Trek Watch – You can hardly tell it’s a geek watch!star-trek-watch
  9. Tetris Stackable Lamp – This reminds me of a weird Jenga that lights up.
  10. Graphic T-Shirt – for the Science lover.



What gifts would you recommend for the geeks in your life?





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