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November 25, 2016 Geek of the week 0

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The movie that made me start crying two minutes in. Maybe not even two minutes. I was too busy crying to time it! The earliest record was for Star Trek, the recent ones, and it took me by surprise and the beginning of this one did as well.

I was not expecting such a deep, psychological story.

Sadly, I did not like her reaction to seeing the aliens. I hate when women are all portrayed as being the flimsy, emotional ones that can’t handle anything. She winds up making some badass choices though that seem to make more sense to who she is as a character.

That said, this builds. It goes back and forth with flashbacks, memories, and dreams that all tie into what the audience puts together at the end.

I was guessing back and forth like crazy. Just as I guessed one outcome something would happen to deny that and I would have to try to plug in the clues to figure it out again. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the attention to detail and how many clues the audience gets. I wanted to go back and see this again to see what I would pick up the second time knowing the complete outcome but there are too many good movies coming out!

How would we react to aliens?

I do think that the reactions are pretty on par with how the world would react. Not being able to speak the same language is bound to happen. Even being able to speak in math is not an acceptable answer because they would not know our symbols. The way the film makers approached this was amazing!

How much science is needed to talk to aliens?

Only downside to this is the idea that not much science was needed. I am sure there was a lot going on behind the scenes but while watching the trailer I was likening this to something like The Martian. Nope. Do not go in to watch this thinking it is going to be scientific. Actually, not even all the questions are answered. Just enough to whet your whistle.

What’s your favorite alien movie?

Being a horror fan, I did enjoy this one for the psychological elements. Horror is all about how characters react to the atmosphere around them. This is just like that but with less scary bits. That said, I still love Alien! It was so brilliant for its time and has stood the test of time. To be honest though, these two are totally different. Which would you prefer?




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