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July 29, 2017 Gaming 0

There is a lot of style coming from games lately. It is like devs are finally realizing that we need something more than just big swords and guns to attract gamers. World of Warcraft still seems a bit behind when it comes to style but they’re working on it. I still think they need to allow us to dye gear. It’s more fun that way and then I can add all kinds of sets together. If they’re worried about someone being a skittle, people can do that whether or not you add different gear. Especially with the Transmog system.

Here are my girls in WoW:


Style is one of the factors that attracts me the most to a game. Sometimes you’ll play a character that doesn’t look good until max level and then there are others that let you choose a style all your own, whether that style is good or not is another matter! That’s the fun of gaming though…

I’ve ran across a few blogs that show just what the games out there can provide. My favorite is from LoTRo Stylist. You can find some amazing outfits but not only that, you can also submit your own to the blog Friends of the LoTRo Stylist! Although it looks like LoTRo Stylist stopped posting but it’s still fun to look around! Another way to keep up on your LoTRo style is by visiting Cosmetic LoTRo. You can tell she absolutely loves outfits but what’s great about her site, she explains in detail how outfitting works in LoTRO down to dyes and how to use them! Another place you can submit your fashion is over at LoTRo Fasion, another informative site that is all about great and fun fashion!

In Rift you can actually buy wardrobe slots or you can show the gear that is giving you stats. The stat gear is fine and all but it’s nice to not look like every other cleric (insert character you play here) out there.

The only complaint I have about Rift’s clothing is that there seems to be a huge lack of clothing options. In the last patch they did add a way of looking like your favorite rep and it’s not easy to get that gear either! Making it all the more fun to have BUT it looks horrible! I’m hoping that they will soon add in more options for us as they release more patches. For now, I took a few pictures of guildies strutting their stuff! Enjoy!




I love the different styles in gaming. WoW still has some work to do but their new sets for Tomb of Sargaras look promising. Of course they are throwback sets, but since they’re amazing, I won’t hold that against them!

Do you game because of the style or does style not bother you?




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