March 17, 2012 Dark, Poetry 4

Why does it seem like our love has so many ups and downs

one minute you’re smiling, content, the next you seclude yourself, making me so despondent

is begging what you want from me, pleading with you to give me attention

something, anything to know that you’re really thinking of me

not just words, they’re so effortless, anyone can say anything

I want to know without even having to ask you, to beg you over and over again

to give something of yourself to me, to open your heart

are you willing to do this or is it too much for you

I’m at a loss and feel alone, tears dance in my eyes, I forbid them to shed any longer

I just don’t understand this uphill battle when you keep saying you love me

but keep tossing me out of your life, your heart

how do I believe in something so selcouth

am I even worth your time, your love

I hear so many words just for them to all be denied by your actions

how many more nights will I cry myself to sleep with you so unaware right next to me

when is enough, enough?

4 Responses to “Enough”

  1. Christopher Snell

    Enough is when You say enough, why is it up to the other person to guide your course. How many times do they have to ignore you, before you understand that they’re not for you.
    Stand strong against the North wind, and shout at the top of your lungs, “[their name OUT NOW you don’t belong in my heart, I’m not allowing you to stay. You will have no further controll or power over my areas of love and joys of happiness. I release you now. I accept and receive the lessons and learnings from you, and I am done now”!!!