Discussion Challenge Post 8 – Book Tropes: Love or Hate

February 22, 2015 Blog, Challenges 0

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Book Tropes! Do you love or hate them? Are there any you can deal with?

Strange Chemistry wrote an article on book tropes. There top 5 for YA (that I agree with) are:

  • Female PoV
  • Love Triangle
  • Insta Love
  • Tortured Hero
  • Missing Parents

Now, they had 5 others but I think these are the top 5 that I run across, not only in YA but ALL the time. Let’s take these one at a time…

Female Pov. I have to admit I get a little thrill when I read a male lead. I just LOVE it. I don’t know why we have so many female leads out there. It’s not that I hate them though, they are just abundant. I do love anything from Gail Carriger and she writes a lot of female leads and I will never, ever turn away from one of her books. So obviously this isn’t something that will deter me.

Oh my god… the love triangle. Sometimes this can be done right and I enjoy the entire plot and story line for each character. Other times, however, it is not do so well and I am left feeling nothing for two out of the three and not even understanding why there is a love triangle to begin with. Not normally something I enjoy reading.

Insta love. Please, please go away! Unless it’s a romance and the characters realize that it is actually insta LUST then I don’t want to hear about it. It frustrates me and actually makes reviews very difficult to write. Ugh!!

The tortured hero can actually be something that I look forward to. Again, it comes down to if the plot is right and the character fits what is going on. If the author has all their little ducks in a row then this can be really interesting and makes for a great plot for growth and character arcs! I love me some character arcs!

Why are parents of like, 16 and 14 year olds disappearing? I don’t get it. My parents didn’t leave me alone for a second! Of course I still ran away and did some bad stuff in my day, but that’s what kids do! It makes a plot so unbelievable when parents are off on a ski trip without their kid. Who does that!!? Watch your kids damn it!

Ok… those are my top 5. Which tropes would you add or take away? What do you LOVE reading about?








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