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February 15, 2015 Blog, Challenges 0

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How do you choose which books to read from authors?

So… I have to admit something. I love Netgalley. I’ve said it a few times here but seriously, it’s an obsession. I love, love, love being able to choose the books that I want to read and to be able to read them when I can.

The problem that I’m facing currently is when to choose an author over Netgalley, or vice versa? Currently I have 15 requests sitting in my inbox. Sadly most of these books are not books that I would choose. Only one of them is even in a genre that I enjoy. Also, my calendar is chock full of posts and reviews to MARCH! If I can say yes to an author then the review will have to wait a good two to three months before even being picked up. Then of course there is the review time and the scheduling for the post!

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I love reading for authors but I am completely swamped.

Then there is the gorgeous Netgalley. I currently have 48 titles that are sitting in my shelf. Ten of those are being published in 2015 and are on my priority list.

I also am down to 8,555 on Amazon reviews! It’s so exciting and I have been reviewing products for companies lately but the more I review for authors the more I notice that most authors of an already published book do not LIKE Amazon reviews!

Is it selfish to want some kind of feedback on Amazon? How do you get around this “selfish” idea so as a book reviewer we are being “paid” for our time?

If it weren’t for fabulous authors and other bloggers I would not even have this blog. So I’m not talking about never reading an author I do not know or an Indie author. But it does bring up a lot of questions about what should and should not be a priority. I’m not getting paid for this and although I enjoy reading, reading 200+ books a year without anything to show for it can be a huge downer!

To be honest I do feel a bit selfish but at the same time I want to make a name for myself just as much as I want to help authors. I know it’s about finding that fabulous sweet spot and being able to do both! I just wish I had time to read everything that comes into my inbox!






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