Discussion Challenge Post 3- Reading Bucket List

January 18, 2015 Blog, Challenges 6

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2015 Reading Bucket List!

My hubby and I were going over our 2015 bucket list. All of the things that we want to do this year. Some aren’t too crazy like dancing in the rain or doing a full cooked meal from scratch. It got me to thinking about my different reading goals. Most of them are the normal read more from my TBR, especially Netgalley, but really I want to jump out of my comfort zone! I want to read things that I have never read before! So I decided why not make a list, like a bucket list? Things that I want to do that surround the reading world.

So here it is. My hubby says I should name this the British Invasion since it has so much to do with England.

The British Invasion!

  • Read Charles Dickens
  • Read Jane Austen
  • Read every Terry Pratchett
  • Re-read Harry Potter
  • Read Douglas Adams
  • Read Lord of the Rings

Whew! Unlike the list for my hubby and I, I’m keeping this one to a short list. Just reading Lord of the Rings will probably take me a while! Although we did get it in Audible so I’m excited to listen to it also. But I’ve never read Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or Douglas Adams. I feel that this is the year for that to end!

What you you add to your 2015 Bucket List?





6 Responses to “Discussion Challenge Post 3- Reading Bucket List”

    • Christina

      So I’ve been told! I love the idea behind all of his books so I decided that this year I’m going to dive right in! Should be fun! 😀

    • Christina

      I really hope it will be! I’m so looking forward to all of the books. I had to keep the list short because I’m intimidated with what I already have, but still so in love! 😀