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February 8, 2015 Blog, Challenges 0

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I’m going to strive to post one discussion a week! Let’s get talking!!

This week: How to choose a book for book club?

Ok, so I have my genres that are like my GO TO genres. For my family’s book club I try to think outside of the box and do a little bit of research (honestly not much) but I try to find things that we are all going to think is interesting.

Then I noticed I had a trend.

Last year my book club picks were:

  • Divergent
  • The Giver
  • The Book Thief
  • The Goldfinch

See a pattern here? Mostly Dystopian. Or very nearly! I do enjoy this genre (obviously) but I was really thinking that I was going outside of my box. Apparently not!

So, how do you choose a book?

*SIL- Sister In Law, MIL – Mother in Law*

I have a Goodreads notebook where I keep all of my finds that I think are good for book club. Now in this book club we have my MIL, SIL, my daughter, and my MIL’s friend. We try to get my other SIL to join as well but she and her hubby are normally busy. We also just read Unbroken and I thought MY hubby would join in, but sadly no. In this group we have very differing tastes. My daughter likes what I like for the most part but she ventures into more theater and plays. I’m talking Shakespeare! My MIL enjoys paranormal romance (yay!!) but loves mystery. As does her friend. Mystery and intrigue and spy stuff are their favorites. Add some wartime stuff into that and they are in love. A bit of haphazard politics? Yes please? While I’m over here saying NO NO NO NO NO!!! My SIL is a bit more open but reads the high brow stuff. Like the serious literature. Which was one reason why I chose The Goldfinch. Which, might I add, no one but me and the SIL read! In their defense it is really long.

So… this month is my daughter’s choice and she chose Sabriel by Garth Nix. I think I will enjoy this but I’m worried that the paranormal aspect is going to throw off my SIL. It’s one of my daughter’s favorites so I’m thinking let’s go for it. I’m just not sure how anyone else will react!

I know my SIL loves to look at the ratings that a book has received. Not only THE rating but how many have rated it. Sabriel is rated at a 4.6 with over 100k ratings. Not too shabby! By that criteria alone this would be a winner for the group. But do you guys look at other criteria also? I know that people enjoy Oprah’s book of the month and her reading lists but honestly I haven’t really ventured over to look at them. I also really just enjoy word of mouth because I can almost guarantee that a professional critique is going to think the exact opposite of what I do. It’s just always how it goes!

Do you have any criteria for choosing a book club book?

Hopefully I’ll start venturing out of my normal genre pics. I think that’s probably the first thing I should look at now!



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