Cooking for Kids!

April 27, 2014 Blog 2

So, I’ve had the cooking bug. I think it’s really been since Spring has rolled around (sort of!). It’s been raining so much here but I have this enormous amount of energy! What better use for all of this energy than to cook from scratch?

BUT! I’m going to my Sister’s for a week and watching her two adorable children. I make sure to get out and visit at least once a year since we live so far away. This one time thing is horrible but at the same time I love that I get to do this! And that my sister and I get along well enough TO DO this!

So… my trip is coming up and that got me thinking. What am I going to do with my fabulous niece and nephew this year? Enter Pinterest!!

pineapple jello

I love this jello idea! I have loved jello since I was a kid and the fact that it is so easy to make and variate just makes it that much more exciting, both for kids and adults!

This recipe is super easy and I just know the kids will love it.



egg cover

Last time I was there we had a hard time getting ready for school. So when I saw this super easy omelet in the oven I just thought to myself, YUP that’s going to be done! And what is really great about this is that we can each put our own ingredients in!

The plan is to throw it in the oven, set the timer, and help them get ready without worrying about what is for breakfast!

Love it!!

Make your own pizzas! Who doesn’t like to do this!??

Pizza-FinishedOk, so I saw these and I awww’d! I can’t imagine what the kids will say. Super easy to put together too for those busy afternoons!

pb toastThis one is just too good! Not only are they eating yummy and skeletongood for them food but they can also learn at the same time!

I’ll just have to make sure I know all of the bones before we start digging in.

Super cute!

Now the last thing on my list is to figure out how I’m going to entertain them for a week!

Last year I made my niece, who was then 5 and about to start Kindergarten, do homework every day. We only did a few pages out of two books that I bought but apparently I made an impression. She told her grandmother that she didn’t want to go home because Aunt Bean makes me do school work!

I just love it! I told myself not to be too hard on her this year but she’s now about to go into first grade! So… being the English lover and reader that I am, we’re probably going to hit the books… now how do you make that fun for kids?!!

2 Responses to “Cooking for Kids!”

    • Christina

      Minni pizzas? Must try this asap!!

      Thank you! We always do but normally I’m there for a month. It’s going to be sad visiting for only a week. They grow so fast!