Coffee for your Heart #9

March 12, 2014 Coffee for your heart, Create Serenity 4

 “Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150Welcome to Coffee for Your Heart! The concept is simple: You’re an encourager so I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday.”

Each week Holly gives a writing prompt that will help to encourage others and ourselves. Then link up to the blog post! That simple!!

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Be who you are:

I have always struggled with who I am. This kind of erratic person that used to hate everyone and everything. I thought I wasn’t loved and would do anything to feel that love. The few times I was told that someone was proud of me I would look around and wonder why. I would even ask them for an explanation. I didn’t see anything to be proud of so why should they be proud. I hid inside myself and tried to be someone I wasn’t for love.

I hated that younger version of myself for a long time.

Then it hit me. The reason I was so unhappy was because I wasn’t who I am! I was always pretending to be the version that was loved or acceptable instead of just being me!

Dr-Seuss-Be-You-Picture-QuoteSo, lately I’ve been thinking about my wonderful nieces and nephews and it pains me to realize that they may not like themselves somewhere in their future. And I feel this overwhelming need to make sure that they know they are wonderful and loved and not only that but that it is…


To be creative, or eclectic, or a bit crazy, or outgoing, or the opposite of all of the above. The only thing that matters is loving yourself and knowing that you are being honest with yourself. And it’s hard in this day and age when girls see models that are size zeros. It’s hard when we have so much pressure to BE perfect and to act perfect. There is just so much pressure out there and that is not even counting the school pressure that they will get from their friends.

I’ve made it my job to be their paladin, for them to always know that they have an aunt that loves them dearly because of who they are. The them that is them is what makes them so  special!

And don’t forget this about yourself as I still do from time to time. When someone judges you remember that you are the only you! Do not change for anyone!



4 Responses to “Coffee for your Heart #9”

    • Christina

      I absolutely love this gal too! If you have yet to visit Holly and you need some inspiration in your life, just check her site out! It’s marvelous!

  1. Amy

    I love this Seuss quote and it is so appropriate for the month of his birthday. Both of my sons have been celebrating him at school. Imagine how amazing the world would be if everyone could embrace how God has created them. We miss out when we try to be someone else. Stopped in from Holley’s site!
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    • Christina

      Wouldn’t it be great though!? I’m really hoping to help teach my nieces and nephews this. I had to learn the really hard way and that’s just no fun at all.

      Thank you for stopping by!