Coffee for your Heart #6

February 19, 2014 Coffee for your heart, Create Serenity 2

Today we’re kicking off the new series I told you about last week Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150called Coffee for Your Heart. The concept is simple: I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday. You’re an encourager and you’re going to be fabulous at this! I’m so excited! Holly Gerth @


Encouragement for Jan 29th:

“What brings you joy?”

I am a very happy person. I can find joy in the smallest of things. The best joy is found when a loved one is smiling. That kind of joy just cannot be bought! When my daughter is happy I just want to jump for joy. I also have found that when my niece and nephew are happy, I get that same wonderful feeling. The feeling like I can take on the world! These people have been so special to me and just talking to them makes me feel special. I am so blessed to have them in my life, but especially my beautiful, courageous, and intelligent daughter who turns 22 today! The past 22 years have been more wonderful, more beautiful, more everything because of her!

There’s also joy in peaceful moments. Those moments when the babies are sleeping or when I’m sitting reading a book, drinking coffee, and the birds are chirping. It’s something that cannot be replaced. We also have a beautiful plant that my husband bought. Sadly he can’t remember the name of it but when it blooms it reminds me of my childhood days when I was riding my bike around the neighborhood without a care in the world and honeysuckle just singing on the air!

With so much to be joyful about it’s a wonder any of us find depression but when I am depressed I try to think of these wonderful moments in my life. And even if those moments don’t do it, there are always the moments of curling up in bed when it’s raining outside. It’s like heaven!

How do you find your piece of heaven?

heaven_by_jazzyGorgeous picture by Jazzy in deviantart!


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2 Responses to “Coffee for your Heart #6”

  1. Nina

    Hi – I’m coming over from Holley’s Coffee for Your Heart. I LOVE the smell of honeysuckle. That and Jasmine and Gardenias. Isn’t it awesome how a beautiful flower and/or scent can bring joy? Thanks for sharing your blog.
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    • Christina

      Ahhh! Jasmine and Gardenias! I need to learn how to keep them alive! I could put Gardenias everywhere if only I could keep them alive! Thank you so much for stopping by!