Coffee for your Heart #1

January 8, 2014 Coffee for your heart, Create Serenity 4

Today we’re kicking off the new series I told you about last week Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150called Coffee for Your Heart. The concept is simple: I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday. You’re an encourager and you’re going to be fabulous at this! I’m so excited! Holly Gerth @


Encouragement for Jan 8th:

What encouraging words do you want the people you care about to hear as they begin a new year? {Ex: As you start 2014, I just want you to know…you’re loved, you have a purpose, etc}.

Ohh… this is such a great question! Firstly I think that everyone knows that even though we are all connected through the internet in our various favorite ways, we all feel more disconnected than ever. So I think the biggest thing that I want to hear and want to let everyone know is that…


I know when I was fighting depression (I say was but it’s almost an every day battle) I felt so lonely. Even when I’m with family and friends it’s hard to feel like anyone understands. It’s also hard to feel like I’m worth anything. So today I have two things to tell you. You are not alone and…


I never feel worthy of encouragement or praise. I never feel like I’m good enough. Well guess what people?! We are all perfect just the way we are! I know it sounds like it’s a cliche but it is so true. Stop trying to change who you are and embrace yourself like a friend would because you are so worth it!

What would you want to tell someone as we start 2014?

coffee for your heart done

4 Responses to “Coffee for your Heart #1”

    • Christina

      Thank you! These are the things I always have to tell myself. It’s sad that it’s so easy for us to forget just how worthy we really are! Thank you for reading 😀

    • Christina

      Ohhh… I hope your day gets better! I’m so glad the words helped. I definitely need to reread them myself sometimes.