Coffee for your Heart #2

January 15, 2014 Coffee for your heart, Create Serenity 2

Today we’re kicking off the new series I told you about last week Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150called Coffee for Your Heart. The concept is simple: I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday. You’re an encourager and you’re going to be fabulous at this! I’m so excited! Holly Gerth @


Encouragement for Jan 8th:

You’re Loved

A lot of my life I didn’t understand what this word actually meant. Sure, I’ve said it, I’ve felt it, but I wasn’t aware of how much this could really mean. Feeling loved is the most amazing and wonderful experience that sadly I have not experienced very often. I feel because of my upbringing and because of the hurt that I’ve been through that I had this screwed view of love and how it was supposed to work. Then I met my husband and he has been trying to teach me, for 11 years actually, that love is so much more than its definition, its what you give to a person.

Love can be a smile from a stranger, support from a friend, a hug, or a life long relationship. To me love is about being there for someone, listening to them even when you may not want to, letting them know that you will listen to them again and again because that person is so special to you that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt that relationship.

I finally understand what love means but I’m still working on accepting love from others. Believing that I am loved is a harder task but it is something I’m working on. You must believe also that you are loved, that there is that one person out there that is looking forward to talking to you, to seeing you smile, to hearing your voice, to just being with you!

That’s what love really is. Find it, enjoy it.

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