Clutter Free for 2015! Day 5

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Clutter free Clutter Free

Day 5. Really it’s more like day 9 for us. We have been working on the weekends. And then oh no!!! I admit it. I’m losing steam! The hubby is doing so much better than I am! There are just a few more places that have massive clutter but I really do not have the room for the stuff that I really want to keep! We were able to organize the living room and our closets so I do not want to just shove this stuff anywhere.

The hubby also organized the office closet so we would have another storage area. After I got the Christmas clutter put away my mind went on shut down mode!

Today’s goal:

Go to your highest traffic clutter area and work on it for 15 minutes. Aim for another 30 items gone! YOU can do this.

If I think to myself that I only have to work for 15 minutes then maybe things won’t seem so bad. Our major traffic area is the Kitchen. Not only do I put everything on our non-usable kitchen table, so does my hubster. I just finished a puzzle and I know that is the only spot large enough for me to glue this so I can frame it! But do I want to clear it off? NO!!

Exactly the reason the clutter is there in the first place.

So! I’m not going to tackle the entire kitchen, just the table so I can glue my dang puzzle!

We do have one counter that is gorgeous now and both of us have kept it clean for an entire week now! That is pretty serious business for us. It’s so nice looking at that spot that you would think that we would have our entire house like that. Sadly we have to find the room to store this stuff! It’s going to happen though. I will not give up!

Decided to work on the kitchen table and finally got the glue on the puzzle! I have about 10 more puzzles that are waiting to be worked on that I can now get to!

Alice Puzzle

Where can you spend 15 minutes to declutter?

Coming Soon:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • His Closet
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • Drawers
  • Full Book Review


What’s in your closet? Do you hoard that favorite outfit from ten years ago? What do you refuse to let go of?


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