Clutter Free for 2015! Day 4

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Clutter free

When I saw Kathi Lipp’s book on Clutter Free I knew I wanted (NEEDED) to review it! Clutter Free

What is motivating you to keep acquiring things you don’t need – fear, guilt, shame?

Whew… this was a tough chapter for me. I buy things so often out of shame. It’s kind of ridiculous really! The one thing that I do this the most with is clothes. Last time I visited my sister (who is wonderful and very understanding) I bought a pair of pants AND a pair of shorts. I do not really love either one of them and only wear them around the house now. Both do not fit very well but I kept thinking that I just did not have the perfect clothes for visiting her. In my defense, my favorite jeans were ripped. I wore them literally until their death! But the jeans that I bought do not make me feel good or flatter me at all! I only bought them because I wanted to replace the ones I wore out and I thought I “NEEDED” a pair while I visited.

The funny thing? I think I only wore them once while I was at her place. But after reading this I thought back and realized that I do this all the time. I am always trying to make my house look nicer, or myself, or my car, or my dogs, or my HUSBAND! Why do I buy stuff to get out of feeling shame? It winds up being a very vicious cycle!

So… I decided from here on out to never buy something that I am not completely happy with. Completely! I’m just going to have to throw it out later which horribly is a huge waste of money.

Do you buy unnecessary items to make yourself feel better? What are your go to items?

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What’s in your closet? Do you hoard that favorite outfit from ten years ago? What do you refuse to let go of?


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